Friday, May 19, 2017

Looking Back: Women's Swimsuits of the 1920's


I recently posted pics of 1920’s women's headwear, lovely. Below are some pics of 1920’s women’s swimwear, not so lovely when compared to today’s swimsuits and bikinis.

The comparison between then and now brings to mind the cartoon comparing a woman wearing a burqa and a woman wearing a bikini:

And while on that theme . . .


1920’s swimsuits varied from dowdy to sexy, from modest to brief. In addition, styles varied from country to country and within different parts of the decade . . .

A bold style that was known as the tank suit, considered somewhat shocking in its day. Some more examples below ;

Women arrested, Chicago 1922, for swimsuits that were too brief,

Chicago 1922 arrest, same women as above.

The evolving Jantzen logo

1920's ad

Another 1920's ad

1920's swimwear could still be elegant and sexy . . .

French design and model

Loretta Young, 1920's ad for Jantzen

Norma Shearer, 1928

Joan Crawford 1920's

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